Destiny J. Polk, the founder of RBG and The Beautiful Black Butterfly Foundation is a Boston born performance artist, choreographer, writer and art-activist. Currently studying Dance and African American History at Wesleyan University, she is pursuing her passion for performance using historical context and personal experience. She believes that context is key. She discovered her passion for dance at the age of four and for spoken word at the age of twelve and has been performing on stage since. Her audience ranges from middle school class rooms, to Boston cafes/lounges such as the Middle East, to college campuses, to conferences such as the White Privilege Conference. She is a co-founder of an artist collective called The Black Art's Collective, and an organizer for a woman of color collective called Ladies First. Recently Ladies First hosted a performance called Black Woman Is God, curated and directed by Destiny Polk. Destiny plans to continue creating performances by black artists to uplift, empower and educate her audiences. She believes in creating sacred space for blackness to express itself in all of its many forms. This is how RBG was created.

Radical Black Girl is an audacious, unapologetic and empowering platform who's main goal is the radical awakening of the authentic self to affect change through art. RBG promotes radical self knowledge, radical self-love and radical self-expression. The belief is that through art and genuine connection, we can transform and uplift ourselves, one another and our communities.

The Beautiful Black Butterfly Foundation is a sisterhood created to educate, uplift and empower self identifying black girls in the Boston area. BBB's main goals are to inspire young butterflies to improve self esteem, create goals, further creative passions, achieve academic excellence and most importantly to create a network of loving, supportive, like minded young girls ready for success. The Beautiful Black Butterfly foundation offers a number of workshops for girl groups ages 10-18.

If you would like to join the RBG Team or support the BBB Foundation, please feel free to fill-out a contact form.

Love, Light & Encouragement